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A Danville bike shop meeting the needs from the casual rider to the weekend warrior. Kid and adult bikes for casual, road, cyclocross or mountain biking.


Simon Pettett Hair Design is the premiere hair salon in Oakland/Piedmont area and is run by two well established professionals; Scott and Shelly Pettett.

Bike fitting in the pursuit of the most power in the most comfortable position possible. Chill out, bike to work, have a drink, drink more water, do more, enjoy life. 
Fitting anyone from a first timer, weekend warriors or seasoned and elite athletes.


We produce the best tools for sports hydration based on sound, peer-reviewed science and all of our products are a collaboration between scholarly research, feedback from athletes, and the pioneering work of our chief research officer Dr. Stacy Sims.



Custom Cycling, Triathlon, Run, Nordic Apparel No Minimums • Fast Delivery • Free Design.


Bicycling Sock manufacturer offering a wide variety of socks and various accessories.


If you would like to Sponsor the team, please contact us at teamknightridersracing@gmail.com

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