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Snelling Road Race - Race Report

posted Feb 26, 2013, 9:32 AM by Deniz Warraich   [ updated Feb 26, 2013, 9:42 AM ]

Elite 4 Result
 Andrew - 26th

 Here is Andrew's Report

 This was my first Road race of the year and I new I wanted to do well! woke up and set off with my wife! Got to the race YES! no wind! suited up and headed to the start 100 strong. lots of teams present and if Deniz was there he could have given you the name of everyone.... 

Anyway we set off the neutral start and headed out. Most of the race i was well hidden in the pack but i did go to the front when I needed to for the rough unsafe areas! I think we had crashes every time we went though the feed zone!  

Fast forward to the last lap. The wind was building pretty hard every lap and on the last it gave us the full power version. We hit a bridge pretty fast and right before the hill there was a crash right in front of me! I had to stop because somehow I dropped my chain. I put it back on and at this point I'm in the 3rd "give up" group on the road. After the 2nd roller before the left on the Figman, I put it into high gear(53x11)and bridged to the 2nd group and then to the first group! Right as I was getting to the 1st group the whole Leopard Sapporo team hit the ground! Holy SHIT! lucky I was on the right! Into the gravel I went and bunny hop back onto the road and moved strait to the front. When we hit the right turn to the finish and I had nothing left for the sprint.

I did learn that I have very good fitness but had to use the engine to get back to the front. I had a few guys say in the second group to my wife that i was a freight train going by, so all good signs just need to get some luck.